On 17 November 2016, Resolution No. 420/2016 of the Federal Secretary of Electric Energy (Secretary) was published, calling companies (Call) to submit preliminary projects that contribute to the costs reduction of the Wholesale Electrical Market (MEM for its acronym in Spanish) and to the increase of the Argentine Electrical System reliability (Preliminary Projects).

The Preliminary Projects shall involve the development of (i) comprehensive projects of engineering, construction and commercial start-up of high efficiency thermal generation installations; (ii) infrastructure projects and logistics solutions to ease the fuel supply of plants; and (iii) any other project that contributes to comply with the Call’s purpose, or that contributes to the start of a fuel supply for the generation of electric power process under the responsibility of the generators agents of the MEM (which will be specially considered).

The Call will be managed by the Wholesale Electrical Market Managing Company (CAMMESA for its acronym in Spanish) and companies interested in participating shall express their interest by attaching their preliminary project and the information required in a closed envelope before CAMMESA until December 9, 2016 (6:00 p.m.).

CAMMESA will initiate a procedure which will include the raising of Preliminary Projects to the Secretary for its consideration, and that may result in a later biding procedure for the construction and commercial effectiveness of a comprehensive electro-energetic infrastructure project.