In this recap episode, host Michael Cohen is extracting the valuable lessons shared by his guests in the prior 5 episodes. Michael offers his two cents about his guests' practical advice offered to help the C-Suite understand the legal, political, and economic underpinnings impacting the 21st intercontinental business landscape in which they operate.

In Episode 1, we spoke with Scott Maberry and we discussed the modern trade wars, raising tariffs, and the need for the C-Suite to conduct due diligence on their supply chains.

In Episode 2, we spoke with Isabelle Rahman about the European Union’s fines against American technology companies, whether or not they justified, and what responsibility comes with holding super shares in the European Union market for multinationals.

In Episode 3, we talked with James Gatto about what the blockchain is, how it is currently being used, and how it can be used to improve business transactions.

In Episode 4, we spoke with Susan Jackson all about tuna! We discussed how multinationals can form joint ventures among themselves and accelerate environmental change where governments have failed.

In Episode 5, we spoke with Oliver Heinisch, about the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union. We discuss the effect of Brexit on trade and multinationals doing business in the European Union.

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