The FCA has published a statement seeking to clarify its supervisory intentions on the status of individuals with overall responsibility for a firm's legal function under the senior managers regime (SMR). Under the SMR, individuals that have overall responsibility for activities, functions or areas of the business need to be pre-approved for performing senior management functions (SMFs). If an individual who has overall responsibility for an activity, function or area is not otherwise included in the FCA's list of prescribed SMFs, that person will need to be pre-approved for SMF18 (other overall responsibility function). The FCA states that it has become aware of uncertainty on this issue and intends to publish a consultation paper on the merits of including individuals with overall responsibility for the legal function in the SMR. As the SMR will enter into force on 7 March 2016, the FCA believes that it does not have enough time to consult properly on this issue. It states that, during the interim period before it finalises its policy, any firm that has sought to make a decision in good faith about whether or not an individual in charge of their legal function requires approval, on the basis of the FCA's published rules and other communications, should not need to change their approach.