The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) recently provided additional information about its new Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC) Visa Portal named iCERT System. The DOL stated that the iCERT System will allow employers to save time preparing applications by pre-populating visa forms with business and contact information; allow users to track the status of applications across nonimmigrant and immigrant visa programs through a single account; and allowing users to create and manage sub-account users to prepare and submit applications. The DOL provided the following implementation timelines for its iCERT System:

  • For the LCA Form 9035: April 15, 2009:  

DOL will release the new Labor Condition Application (LCA) for processing through the iCERT System;

May 15, 2009: DOL disables filing of existing LCA form and requires employers to file LCAs through the new iCERT System.

  • PERM Form 9089:  

July 1, 2009: DOL releases new form for processing through the iCERT System.

August 1, 2009: DOL discontinues the existing form and requires employers to file applications through the new iCERT System. However, DOL will allow users to continue to access the previous PERM system for case status checks and withdrawals of applications.

As previously announced by the DOL, when employers begin to use the LCA form through the iCERT System, the form will not be immediately approved after submission as with the current LCA system. Instead, the DOL stated that it may take at least seven days for the DOL to review LCAs submitted through the new iCERT System prior to approval.