EBA consults on conditions for intra-group support in early intervention scenario: EBA has launched a consultation on the RTS and guidelines it has to develop on the conditions that competent authorities must assess when deciding whether to authorise intra-group financial support to a company that meets the requirements for early intervention. The Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD) sets out the conditions, and the RTS and guidelines lay down the measures, against which the fulfilment of those conditions should be assessed. The measures include capital and liquidity projections, benefits for the group as a whole or the need for the terms of the support to reflect the default risk of the recipient. Consultation closes on 4 January 2015. (Source: EBA Consults on Group Financial Support

EBA consults on write-down sequence: EBA is consulting on guidelines to clarify the interrelationship between the BRRD and the Capital Requirements Directive and Regulation (CRD4 and CRR) as regards the power to write down or convert liabilities in a resolution situation. More specifically, the guidelines establish that grandfathered capital instruments should be treated as any other instruments that rank equally in insolvency, and that instruments only partially included in the calculation of own funds, such as Tier 2 instruments whose eligibility reduces as they approach maturity, should have the same treatment as those that are fully included. EBA asks for comments by 3 January 2015. (Source:EBA Consults on Treatment of Liabilities in Bail-in

EBA reports on quality of AT1: EBA has published a report on whether Additional Tier 1 (AT1) instruments issued by EU firms meet the requirements laid down in CRR. It highlights clauses that should be reconsidered in future issuances of AT1. (Source: Report on the Monitoring of AT1 Instruments of EU Institutions