The EBA has published an Opinion on mortgage lending value (MLV) addressed to the European Commission and related to the EBA's mandate to deliver technical standards harmonising the concept of MLV in the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR). The EBA raises concerns about the possible unintended consequence that a harmonised definition of MLV across the CRR might have on the EU covered bonds market. While stressing the importance of pan-EU harmonisation of the MLV concept, the EBA is of the opinion that the scope of application of the RTS on MLV should be limited to the credit risk area, the credit risk mitigation and the large exposure framework. Therefore, the EBA is advising the Commission to initiate appropriate legislative steps with a view to limiting the scope of these RTS on MLV. In light of the concerns raised, the EBA called on the EU Commission to clarify the scope of the mandate laid down in the CRR so as to avoid these possible unintended implications, which could happen in the context of the work on the Capital Markets Union and a comprehensive review of EU covered bond frameworks. Until such clarification is provided, the EBA will not work further on its mandate.