Riding on the coverage and continued success of the Spring Racing Carnival, Victoria’s Attorney General and Racing Minister, Martin Pakula, has revealed that the Office of the Racing Integrity Commissioner is seeking access to metadata retained under the data retention scheme, which came into operation on 13 October 2015. In a letter to the Attorney General, Martin Pakula said that access to the data was critical for the effective conduct of the Office of the Racing Integrity Commissioners’ functions and ensures that the racing industry is ‘free from corruption.’ Internet Australia has opposed the application stating that ‘access to what amounts to people’s very personal and private communications information should be restricted to regular law enforcement agencies and not granted to quasi investigatory bodies.’ The revelation comes after a spokesperson from the Attorney General’s Department disclosed that it was ‘considering applications from a number of organisations for access to metadata.’

Martin Pakula’s tweet attaching an image of his letter to the Attorney General can be found here.

Internet Australia’s media release can be found here.

Computerworld Australia’s article reporting on the application of organisations for access to metadata under the data retention scheme can be found here.