All contracting authorities should be aware that Crown Commercial Services (CCS) have published a number of key guidance documents on their website to assist with implementing the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. The guidance notes are:

  • A Brief Guide to the EU Public Contracts Directive 2014;
  • Guidance for Completion of Public Procurement Regulations 2015 Forms and Notices in the Transition Period Before New SIMAP Forms are Available (CCS have been working with the European Commission to agree a set of forms for UK (except Scotland) contracting authorities to use until the final forms are agreed and introduced by the EC. CCS state that they have informed e-providers of the new forms and those e-providers are updating their systems accordingly);
  • Guidance on the New Transparency Requirements for Publishing on Contracts Finder;
  • Public Contracts Regulations 2015: New Requirements Relating to Pre-Qualification Questionnaires to Help Businesses Access Public Sector Contracts.

All the guidance notes can be found on the CCS transposition website at