Bayer, Denka, DuPont, Dow, ENI and Tosoh, all active in the chloroprene rubber sector, have been fined over €243.2m for participation in a price-fixing cartel between 1993 and 2002. Chloroprene rubber is used to produce hoses, v-belts and power transmission belts as well as latex, used in the production of diving equipment and inner soles for shoes. The Commission’s investigation was initiated in 2003 by an application for immunity from Bayer under the Commission’s 2002 Leniency Notice. Surprise inspections ensued at the companies’ premises, during which the Commission obtained evidence of regular meetings to set prices and agree market shares. As a result of bringing the case to light, Bayer was granted full immunity. Tosoh and DuPont/Dow had their fines reduced for co-operation. However, ENI had its fine increase by 60 per cent because of its history of cartel activities. Bayer risked increased fines on the same grounds had it not blown the whistle on the cartel.