On February 23, the OCC released Bulletin 2018-5 announcing a revised version of its “Background Investigations (Version 1.1)” booklet, which is part of the Comptroller’s Licensing Manual. The revised booklet replaces a November 2017 booklet of the same name, and reflects minor technical corrections and one process update. The booklet outlines the OCC’s procedures for carrying out background investigations of individuals, companies, and other organizations who file applications or notices seeking to acquire control of or influence a national bank or a federal branch or agency of a foreign bank. Specifically, the changes made under the heading “Application Process” (i) removes enforcement actions and 12 USC §1818 approval conditions from a list of filers subject to OCC background investigations; and (ii) adds a description of language the OCC may use should the agency decide to allow an individual to assume his duties before the background investigation has been completed.