Where do people spend more and more of their time on the Internet? In your face on Facebook - that’s where. Indeed, Americans now are socializing more on Facebook than conducting searches and related activities on Google, according to recent statistics.

So what is the average time spent on facebook? The data, from comScore Inc., details that for August 2010, Americans spent 41.1 million minutes on Facebook - a whopping 9.9 percent of their overall online monthly minutes.

This surpassed Americans’ 39.8 million minutes and 9.6 percent of total spent on Google sites, which include Gmail, YouTube and Google news.

The Yahoo sites come in behind Facebook and Google, with 37.7 million monthly minutes and 9.1 percent of total use time on Yahoo sites. The surge of Facebook is evidenced by the fact that a year earlier, in August 2009, Americans average time spent spent on facebook was only 5 percent of their online time.

Plainly, social networking has come into its own.