The Aviation Transport Security Act 2004 and the Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005 establish a regulatory framework to safeguard against unlawful interference with aviation.

The Aviation Transport Security Amendment Regulation 2013 (No. 1) amends the regulations so that the Secretary of the Department of Infrastructure and Transport is able to request that Visitor Identification Card (VIC) issuers provide the Secretary with statistical information on visitors to secure zones of security controlled airports.

The statistical information, while not exhaustively prescribed, may include the number of VICs issued and the number lost, stolen, destroyed or otherwise not returned to the issuer during a specified period. The information is not personal information that could be used to identify those people issued with a VIC.

The reporting requirement is triggered by the Secretary giving the VIC issuer written notice specifying the information the Secretary requires. VIC issuers are not expected to be able to provide an instantaneous report; however, the examples given in the regulation should be relied upon to ensure some level of preparedness in the event of a request.