The new deadline is October 19.

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs announced that it has extended the deadline for federal contractors to object to the release of their Type 2 (consolidated) EEO-1 Reports. The original deadline was September 19, but it is now October 19.

The OFCCP posted the following notice on its website:

Notice of Extension

The August 19, 2022, Federal Register notice provided a deadline of September 19, 2022, for contractors to submit written objections to disclosure of the requested Type 2 EEO-1 Report data. 87 FR 51145. OFCCP is extending this deadline to October 19, 2022, to ensure that Covered Contractors have time to ascertain whether they are covered and submit objections. There are multiple reasons for the extension, including the following. First, since publication of that notice, numerous contractors and contractor representatives have contacted the agency requesting an extension of time to submit objections. Additionally, since the publication of the original notice, some federal contractors have raised questions regarding their efforts to verify whether they are included in the universe of Covered Contractors during the requested timeframe. To address this second issue, OFCCP will also take the additional step of emailing contractors that OFCCP believes are covered by this FOIA request, using the email address provided by contractors that have registered in OFCCP’s Contractor Portal and the email addresses provided as a contact for the EEO-1 report.

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