The Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) estimates that the infrastructure projects planned for the next 5 years will require an investment over USD 3,500 million. The financing of the works will be done partly with own resources, partly through the issuance of bonds and with credits from multilateral organizations.

The first package of road works—from a package of almost 1,000 kilometers that will generate around 7,000 jobs, in addition to improving the connectivity of the most vulnerable areas of Paraguay—represents an investment of USD 120 million. The first 18 sections of work to be executed have already been awarded. The goal is to award the total of 943 kilometers by the end of the year. Currently, 53 kilometers are under study, 206 kilometers are in the calling stage and 200 kilometers are in the process of evaluating offers.

In addition, the construction of two new bridges with Brazil is planned. They will be financed by Itaipu Binacional Hydroelectric. One of the bridges will be at the height of Presidente Franco (department of Alto Paraná) and the other will be built in the town of Puerto Murtinho (Paraguayan Chaco). The latter will be part of the bi-oceanic corridor that will cross the country.

Likewise, the opening of prequalifications and offers for the Metropolitan Train project will be carried out. So far there are 10 business groups interested in the project. Ferrocarriles del Paraguay (Fepasa) is already working for the relocation of the first group of precarious occupants in order to free the train rail. In addition, work is planned for the restoration of railway stations in Asunción, Luque, Bertoni and Yegros, whose joint investment will be around 3,300 million PYG.