The Commission has concluded that Finnish plans to grant Lahti Energia EUR 14.725 million of investment aid for a gasification plant are in line with EU State aid rules. In 2012, Finland notified plans to support the construction of a gasification plant in Lahti. The plant will use the so-called circulated fluidized bed (“CFB”) gasification technology to recover energy from waste materials. More concretely, it would be fuelled with approximately 250.000 tonnes per year of solid recovered fuel. The Commission found that gasification allows for a cleaner and more efficient recovery of energy from waste than traditional techniques. Furthermore, the Commission found, inter alia, that the most important impact of the investment is that the previously mostly fossil energy based heating will be much more environmental friendly, especially in terms of CO2-emissions. Furthermore, the plant also contributes to increasing security of energy supply and diversifying energy supply sources. Therefore, the Commission concluded that the positive effects of the aid clearly offset any potential distortions of competition brought about by the state support. Source: Commission Press Release 4/2/2014.