In HMRC's latest Countdown Bulletin, an update is provided on the still awaited  DWP regulations on the abolition of DB contracting out. The DWP's consultation on the two relevant sets of regulations concluded in May 2014 but the outcome of the consultation and any changes to the draft regulations have not yet been released.

The update notes that the DWP remains on track to publish the updated regulations addressing the employer statutory power of amendment in the Spring. These regulations will govern the mechanics of the statutory power and will also outline how the power will work in the context of multi-employer schemes. The power is intended to allow employers to make changes to their schemes unilaterally, to offset the costs of increased National Insurance Contributions as the result of the abolition of DB contracting out. However, the second set of regulations, which will govern previously contracted out schemes once DB contracting out is abolished, will not be published until after the General Election. This second set of regulations will set out the rules which schemes that were contracted-out will need to follow after DB contracting-out is abolished in 2016. The regulations also aim to ensure that any member's rights which are derived from previously contracted-out employment are preserved.

The Countdown Bulletin can be viewed here.