The U.K. Supreme Court has reportedly refused to consider the appeal filed by Chobani Inc. from an appeals court order dismissing its appeal of a permanent injunction prohibiting the company from designating its U.S.-made yogurt as “Greek” yogurt. Additional details about the January 2014 appeals court ruling appear in Issue 511 of this Update. According to a court spokesperson, three justices dismissed the application for permission to appeal “because the application [did] not raise a point of law of general public importance.”

Fage U.K., Ltd., which instituted the litigation, said of the ruling, “The High Court has ended the ‘Greek yogurt’ case, its decision is final. Chobani is forbidden from selling US-made strained yogurt as ‘Greek’ in the United Kingdom.” Fage also reportedly said that Chobani must pay its legal fees. Meanwhile, expressing disappointment in the outcome, Chobani has apparently indicated that it no longer sells its yogurt in Britain, stating, “We will continue to advocate our view that the population of the UK knows and understands Greek Yogurt to be a product description in terms of how it’s made, not where it is made, similar to things like French fries and English muffins in the US.” See Law360 and, July 30, 2014.