The artificial intelligence-based machine translation tool for patent documents developed by the World Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO Translate, has extended its coverage to 10 languages.

The online tool is now able to translate patent documents in one of the official languages of the Patent Cooperation Treaty - Arabic, Chinese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, Korean and Japanese - into English and vice-versa.

A WIPO news release said the tool is trained exclusively with huge amounts of patent texts and includes a "domain-aware-technique", which translates according to the specifics of the invention. The tool internally integrates 32 technical domains taken from the International Patent Classification to eliminate ambiguity in the translation process.

The specificity of neural machine translation compared to previous phrase-based statistical methods is that it produces more natural word orders, with particular improvements seen in so-called distant language pairs, such as Japanese-English and Chinese-English.