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Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) have raised more money in the first quarter of this year than they did in all of last year. Why are SPACs so hot, and how have they evolved from their origins in the ‘90s? What are their risks, and where can we find new opportunities in the SPAC landscape? What’s next for SPACs, PIPE financing, and the SEC’s guidance? Listen to the latest episode of The Sidley Podcast for answers to these questions and more.

Join host and Sidley partner, Sam Gandhi, as he speaks with four of the firm’s thought leaders on SPACs — Joshua DuClos, Michael Heinz, David Ni, and Jeffrey Smith — co-leaders of Sidley’s SPAC practice. Josh, Mike, David, and Jeffrey have more than a decade of experience in counseling clients on this alternative deal structure, representing operating companies, SPACs, and investors in complex, multibillion dollar de-SPACs and IPO transactions, as well as in a host of other corporate transaction structures.