The EU is one of the few territories which passenger rights are protected if the travel is by air, rail, ship, bus or coach. The rail passenger rights rules were set down in December 2009 and like for air travel allow passengers to be compensated for delays of over an hour. Not all Member States have fully implemented the rules with Belgium, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands and Slovenia to the fore. The Commission is now proposing that the rights be updated in five key respects. 1) there should be uniform application of the rules to international, national, urban and suburban rail services; 2) better distribution of information to passengers as to their rights; 3) improve rights for passengers with disabilities and reduced mobility; 4) improvement in enforcement, complaint handling procedures and sanctions; 5) introduction of proportionality rules to exempt service providers in situations of force majeure or delays caused by natural disasters. The legislative proposal has now to be adopted by the European Parliament and the Council before coming into effect.