Alternative Dispute Regulations 2015: Since 1 October 2015, all traders selling to consumers have been required to give consumers details of a certified ADR provider and tell the consumer whether they intend to use that provider (although it is not compulsory to use ADR). All businesses which sell services to consumers fall within these requirements (subject to a few limited exceptions), and so both insurers and insurance intermediaries fall within the scope of the Regulations. The European Commission's online platform – the ODR platform- went live on 15th February 2016. This allows consumers who have bought a service online to submit a complaint via the platform to a trader based in another European country. From 15th February 2015, all online traders must include a link on their website to the ODR platform, whether or not they currently market services to consumers in other member states. Companies which ignore these requirements could be liable to Trading Standards civil enforcement action, which could lead to a court order to comply. Further information can be obtained from the link below: