Per two judgments on July 14, 2014, the IP Court sustained IPO's rulings on trademark opposition petitions.  The Court decided that the words "YOUNG LEARNERS" are the main distinctive parts in both the opposed marks "YOUNG LEARNERS GO!" and "" (YOUNG LEARNERS GO! & Device) filed by Times Publishing Limited ("Time Publishing"), and the cited mark, registered by the intervener University of Cambridge, on the services of certification on English language assessment and teaching materials and compact discs.  In view thereof, the marks in dispute are similar in appearance and concept and, the goods associated with the opposed marks are also highly similar to those associated with the cited mark.  Prior to the filing of the application for the opposed marks, the intervener has been using the cited mark "Cambridge Young Learners English Tests" for years and commanded distinctiveness in Taiwan.  Time Publishing's filing of the applications for opposed marks was of bad faith in racing for registration and, thus, the registrations thereof should be revoked pursuant to Article 23-I-(14) of the Trademark Act.