On August 22, 2014, Fair Trade Commission found that Zhangxinglong Packaging Co. Ltd. was in violation of Article 24 of the Fair Trade Act by sending a warning letter for infringement on patent rights but vigorously concealing the important fact that the technical evaluation report has not been obtained.  The Fair Trade Commission ordered the company to immediately stop the violating act and fined it NT$50,000.  The Fair Trade Commission investigated and found that the responsible person of Zhangxinglong was the utility model creator and patentee for a displaying paper box, who, however, has not yet obtained the technical evaluation report during the investigation period of this case in March 2014.  Zhangxinglong nonetheless sent the warning letters on September 30, 2013 to its trade counterpart Fruit Grow International Co., Ltd.’s distributor, Costco President Taiwan Inc., and to the paper box supplier Chen Yi Paper Container Co., Ltd., claiming utility model infringement and falsely alleging that the technical evaluation report for said utility model from the IPO had been obtained.  Zhangxinglong’s action was sufficient to cause the recipients confusion, and prevented the recipients from understanding the alleged infringement, due to its failure to specify in the warning letter that which products had purportedly infringed its patent rights; therefore has constituted deceptive conduct that is sufficient to interfere with the normal order of trade, as set forth in Article 24 of the Fair Trade Act.  Zhangxinglong may still appeal said finding.