Claimant was admitted to Defendant hospital suffering from depression and chaotic behaviour. She remained there for approximately three months and during that time she complained of abdominal pain. A consultant formulated an action plan for her ongoing care, which included an ovarian ultrasound scan, however the Claimant was discharged without the scan being carried out.

Six weeks later she saw her GP and an ultrasound was carried out the next day showing a large complex mass in the right iliac fossa. Nine weeks later a laparotomy was performed, by mid-line incision, to remove the tumour and right ovary. Tumour identified as stage 1a borderline mucinous tumour. The Claimant subsequently suffered wound infection but the scar healed adequately. At six and eighteen-month follow up, scans confirmed no recurrence of disease.

Claimant alleged negligent failure to carry out the scan before she was discharged, in accordance with the consultant’s care plan. Claimant alleged that had diagnosis been made earlier the tumour would have been removed by laparoscopy causing minimal scarring. She suffered abdominal pains for three months. Liability disputed.

Out of court settlement: £ 8,500.