Proximo Spirits, Inc. has settled a class action alleging it deceptively marketed Tincup Whiskey® as manufactured entirely in Colorado despite part of its production occurring in Indiana. Aliano v. Proximo Spirits, Inc., No. 14-17429 (Ill. Cir. Ct., Cook Cnty., preliminary approval entered September 16, 2015).

Proximo has agreed to establish a $425,000 settlement fund to pay class members with proofs of purchase $4.50 and $2.25 to those without, per bottle purchased. In addition, class members who purchased Tincup for on-premises consumption can receive $0.75 up to a maximum of five drinks. Future Tincup labels will no longer feature claims that the product was manufactured entirely in Colorado and instead must identify the state or states where Proximo manufactured the product.