1. Saturn Power, a developer of Wind and Solar projects in Ontario, has integrated next generation technology into its wind turbines at the Gesner wind farm in Ontario. Signing a sales agreement with Catch the Wind, a provider of optical turbine control systems, Saturn Power will equip all of its turbines with Vindicator OTCS, a wind control system that simultaneously measures wind speed and direction in the free stream inflow ahead of the wind turbine. The system uses the information it gathers to increase energy output and reduce damaging stress loads, optimizing the performance of wind turbines.
  2. Mustus Energy announced that it has hired Lockheed Martin to build a 41.5 MW biomass plant in Le Crete, Alberta, which will use as feedstock the tops of aspen trees that would otherwise be discarded after the trunks are processed at lumber mills. The facility will be developed by Mustus Energy with Lockheed Martin's procuring materials and equipment and managing construction. The facility is expected to begin commercial operations by the fall of 2013, and will provide baseā€load electrical power to the Alberta grid, providing enough energy to power over 30,000 homes.