From Monday 25 February 2013 onwards Justice David Yates will hear APPLE v SAMSUNG court cases alongside Justice Annabelle Bennett. Whilst Justice Bennett has been hearing arguments since July 2011, the volume and complexity of the matters involved have necessitated a second judge to hear the issues. On one hand SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS’ nine smartphones and two tablet computers are alleged to have infringed 19 patents belonging to APPLE INC on 120 grounds. On the other hand, some of APPLE INC’s IPHONE and IPAD models are alleged to have infringed several patents owned by SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS. For each infringement allegation there would be corresponding counter claim(s) seeking to invalidate the patent on the grounds such as novelty, inventive step, manner of manufacture etc.

It is presumed that Justice Bennett and Justice Yates will hear separate issues and a single decision will be released at the end of the hearings.

This is an unprecedented event in an unprecedentedly complicated Australian Federal court case.

Cases in the name of APPLE INC and SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS being heard in the Australian Federal Court:

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