In compliance with the Investment Law, the Ministry of Economy has issued Resolution No. 544, which authorizes the registration of foreign capital of the company is Tetra Tech Es, Inc., as direct investment for the establishment of TETRA TECH ES, INC. EL SALVADOR BRANCH.

Tetra Tech and the program "USAID Regional Clean Energy Initiative"

The company Tetra Tech, Inc. has been contracted to execute the USAID Regional Clean Energy Initiative. The program is a five-year technical assistance (three years base and two years optional) under funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), with the aim of creating a more favorable investment climate that encourages the development and implementation of projects based on renewable energy sources (RE), and contribute to reduce electricity consumption through sustainable programs of energy efficiency (EE) in El Salvador and Central America.

The amount to be invested in the program is U.S. $ 9,730,421. This program is an integral part to support the goals of “Asocio para el Crecimiento El Salvador-EEUU” USA-El Salvador Partnership for Development, which seeks to expand economic development in El Salvador. The program offices are now located in San Salvador.

The need for a project of this nature arises from the expected increase in demand of 12,000 MW in Central America 2020 (peak demand in 2009 was 6.832 MW). It is expected to have an annual installed capacity of 520 MW in the region. Such a situation creates the need for strengthening the capacity of national and regional government institutions, for consolidating the development of the Regional Electricity Market (REM) and provides the opportunity to develop power plants based on renewable energy, thus diversifying the regional energy grid.