According to a report prepared by President Barack Obama’s (D) Cancer Panel, Americans are continuously exposed to largely unregulated cancer-causing chemicals and other carcinogenic substances that are having a “grossly underestimated” effect on cancer incidence and mortality. The report calls for a “precautionary preventionoriented approach” to regulate chemicals that would “shift the burden of proving safety to manufacturers prior to new chemical approval, in mandatory postmarket studies for new and existing agents, and in renewal applications for chemical approval.”

It concludes that chemical laws are weak, funding for research and enforcement is inadequate, and regulatory responsibilities are split among too many agencies. The report says children are particularly vulnerable because they are smaller and develop more quickly than adults. The American Cancer Society has reportedly criticized the report for “overstating” its case. According to news sources, critics argue that the report presents an “unproven theory” that environmentally-caused cases are grossly underestimated. See The New York Times, May 6, 2010.