The authorization has been issued in accordance with the Certification Scheme for Data Protection Officers developed by the SDPA in collaboration with the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC). The first entity obtained such authorization after its accreditation request before the ENAC after having successfully passed the review phase.

The Certification Scheme, which was launched by the SDPA last July, provides that the Certification may only be given to those entities that have previously been accredited by the ENAC.

By promoting this Certification Scheme, the SDPA is offering a certification system for DPOs that brings and ensures security and reliability for both those professionals who will become DPOs, and the companies and entities that will integrate such a role into their organization. Even though this Certification is not mandatory in order to become a Data Protection Officer, the Scheme constitutes an assurance when accrediting the Data Protection Officer's qualification and professional skills.

The scheme provides that entities interested in obtaining the Certification from the ENAC may submit before the SDPA a request for a provisional designation with a maximum duration of one year once the request has been submitted before the ENAC and has successfully passed an initial review phase. This provisional designation shall become final once the entity has passed the whole approval process before the ENAC.