Two wind projects in Ohio are defending lawsuits from neighbors who are challenging the Ohio Power Siting Board’s certification of the projects, Gongwer reports. Hardin Wind LLC’s 172-turbine project in Hardin and Logan counties met “the 541-foot [setback from neighboring property] distance requirement at the time” the board certified it, says Assistant Attorney General Thomas Lindgren, who represents the board in the case. However, Mark Yurick, an attorney who represents the project’s neighbor Joseph Grant, cites the changes made three months later by House Bill 483 that “dramatically increased the minimum setbacks for wind farm projects,” (for more on this, see our June 18, 2014blog post) as cause for the challenge. A separate case involves “amendments to previously issued certificates for Buckeye Wind LLC” that are being challenged by Champaign County along with the townships of Goshen, Urbana and Union. The county and townships say the board “refused to consider feedback on changes that would increase the impact of the project,” according to Champaign County Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Talebi. Assistant Attorney General Werner Margard said the amendments “would essentially combine construction operations from two separate projects that the Supreme Court previously affirmed” in prior appeals. Oral arguments for both cases are expected to take place in the spring of 2015.