Staff Analysis of Money Market Reform Literature.

On March 24th, the SEC made available certain analyses of data and academic literature related to money market fund reform. The analyses examine the spread between same-day buy and sell transaction prices for certain corporate bonds from January 2, 2008 to January 31, 2009; the extent of government money market fund exposure to non-government securities; academic literature reviewing recent evidence on the availability of "safe assets" in the U.S. and global economies; and the extent various types of money market funds are holding in their portfolios guarantees and demand features from a single institution. These analyses may supplement other information considered in connection with final rule amendments regarding money market funds, and the SEC staff is making these analyses available to allow the public to consider and comment on this supplemental information. Comments on this supplemental information may be submitted to the comment file for rule amendments the SEC proposed in June 2013 regarding money market fund reform and should be submitted on or before April 23, 2014. SEC Press Release.