The Government's White Paper entitled Transforming places; changing lives: a framework for regeneration was published on 17 July 2008. It contains an ambitious package of proposals, for consultation, in order to shape the way that regeneration is carried out in the future in England.

New measures are proposed that aim to:

  • prioritise and coordinate regeneration investment with public, private and third sector agencies working together;
  • devolve power, with local decisions about investment being made, aligning investment between local and regional regeneration priorities; and
  • focus regeneration investment on tackling the underlying economic challenges holding back deprived areas.

The White Paper puts forward the argument that regeneration needs to be defined by its outcomes rather than by the processes it follows. It also sets out proposals for a common approach to targeting regeneration investment and then looks at how these changes might impact on the way different agencies work at national, regional and local levels.

The draft framework is open for consultation until 31 October 2008.

Clickhere for the Framework.