The latest amendment to the mandatory terms for primary care contracts came into force on 14 July 2008, in relation to local involvement networks (LINks).

The Local Involvement Networks (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2008 (the Regulations) insert a new contract clause entitled “entry and viewing by local involvement network representatives” into the mandatory terms set out in the GMS, PMS, GDS and PDS regulations. This clause requires the contractor to allow access to its premises in accordance with Regulation 3 of the Local Involvement Networks (Duty of Services- Providers to Allow Entry) Regulations 2008.

The new clause replaces the provisions that allowed patients’ forums to request information and to enter and inspect premises. In this regard, note that the mandatory clauses that related to patients’ forums were revoked from 1 April 2008.

The Regulations also set out new clauses for pharmaceutical and ophthalmic services contracts, to reflect the introduction of LINks.

Existing contracts should be varied accordingly to reflect these changes and PCTs should ensure that new contracts contain the updated wording.