From 1 September 2012, undertakings in regulated industries will have to pay a special levy, to help reduce the deficit in the country’s public finances. The levy will continue until December 2013.

It applies to any business (including a branch of a foreign entity) deriving at least 50% of its revenues in an accounting period from one or more of the following industries (including under a permit issued in another EU state):  

  • Energy
  • Insurance/reinsurance
  • Public health insurance
  • Electronic communication
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Postal services
  • Rail transport
  • Public water/sewerage
  • Air transport
  • Healthcare provision

The levy is 0.00363 per calendar month on any profits above €3 million in the relevant accounting period. All entities must notify their levy administrator (the tax authority administering its tax affairs) that it has become liable to pay the levy by the end of the calendar month in which the levy has become due.

Initials levies payable from 1 September 2012 will be based on provided that undertakings reported above €3 million profit for the preceding accounting period. The levy administrator must be sent written notice by 30 September 2012 stating:

  • the industry in which it operates
  • the date from which it was authorised to operate in that industry
  • its estimated profit for the accounting period
  • the amount of levy due

Liability for the levy is settled by taxpayers following receipt of a statement from the levy administrator setting out any under- or over-payment, based on the financial statements submitted for the previous accounting period. Any under-payment must be settled within 15 days of receipt of the statement by payment in Euros (to the account specified on the financial directorate’s website). Any over-payment will be returned in the same way as a tax over-payment, applying provisions of the Tax Code in a reasonable manner.

Law: Act No. 235/2012 Coll. on special levy from undertaking in regulated industries