Recently, the Ohio Board of Regents — the state agency responsible for coordinating higher education — publicized the launch of, a new website focused on assisting Ohio residents who are preparing and applying for jobs in the energy sector. It aims to do so by linking Ohioans with specific education resources and job training, as well as employment opportunities. The website provides information about several sectors of the energy industry, including advanced energy, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and oil and gas.

Each featured energy sector contains information about various types of occupations, projected salaries and institutions of learning, in addition to a link to, which lists existing job vacancies in that particular sector. There are currently thousands of jobs posted.

Below is a brief list of career opportunities within each particular energy sector.

Advanced Energy: cogeneration technicians; geothermal technicians; fuel -cell engineers; nuclear fuel enrichment and processing technicians; hydro-electric plant mechanical engineers; and, smart grid engineers.

Energy Efficiency: insulation installers; building inspectors; HVAC engineers; weatherization installers and technicians; industrial energy systems and retrofit designers; and, HVAC sensor and digital control designers.

Renewable Energy: wind turbine service technicians; PV solar cell designers; solar photovoltaic installers; wind farm electrical systems designers; biofuels processing technicians; and, methane/landfill gas generation system technicians.

Oil and Gas: According to, a workforce is needed to serve pre-drilling, drilling, and post-drilling operations in the oil and gas industry which includes up to 43 different occupations.