Taking an in-depth look at the events that are shaping the UK property market and driving the development of new technology to meet its ever-changing needs, here is “The Current Market and Direction of Travel : Property Market Report 2018” from tmgroup’s CEO, Joe Pepper. You can download a free copy here, but if you have any problems and would like me to send you a copy of the PDF, please get in touch.

Find key points and extract below:

  • Change can’t come quickly enough, with poor communication routinely being blamed by all parties for property transactions falling through.
  • Lenders and surveyors are already using new decision-making engines to make risk-based decisions –  often within 30 seconds.
  • A shared transparent view of the current status of any property transaction is helping speed things up.
  • The market is very close to being able to work within a digital framework and take advantage of digital vaults and digital property log books.
  • For those willing and able to adapt, technology is creating exciting new opportunities to work more efficiently and deliver the digital experience home movers have come to expect in their daily lives.

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