Last week, AlphaMetrix, LLC’s registration as a commodity pool operator and commodity trading advisor, and Aleks Kins, AlphaMetrix’s former president and chief executive officer’s registration as an associated person were revoked by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. In November 2013, the CFTC filed an enforcement action against AlphaMetrix claiming that the firm misappropriated over US $2.8 million of funds belonging to various commodity pools it operated, and hid its fraud by issuing false account statements to pool investors. Specifically, pursuant to various side letters between AlphaMetrix and pool participants, the firm was required to reinvest certain fees otherwise owed to pool participants. Instead, the firm transferred the fees to the parent company of the firm, AlphaMetrix Group, which was experiencing financial difficulty. Both AlphaMetrix and Kins voluntarily consented to the revocations of their registrations.