Recent months have served up two helpings of good news for the Scottish food and drink sector, with reports that food and drink exports hit a record high in 2016 and the announcement of the Scottish Food and Drink Partnership’s “Ambition 2030” strategy.

The Scottish Food and Drink Partnership is collaboration between the Scottish Government and its agencies and the main organisations in the farming, fishing, food and drink sectors.

Ambition 2030’s aim is to double the turnover of Scottish farming, fishing, food and drink sectors, taking it to £30 billion by 2030. In doing this, Ambition 2030 intends for Scotland to become one of the best places in the world to run a food and drink business.

In order to meet these aims, Ambition 2030 sets out three areas of development, which it considers to be the “pillars of growth.” These are:

  • Ensuring that the industry acquires the best people and leaders whohave the requisite skills to allow the industry to succeed;
  • Improving supply chain relationships by helping them to become better connected; and
  • Creating a renewed culture of relentless innovation.

More information about Ambition 2030 can be found here.