Article 101/102 TFEU

General Court dismisses appeals in heat stabilisers cartel. 

On 6 February 2014, the General Court dismissed appeals brought by Arkema France, CECA SA, Elf Aquitaine SA and AC Treuhand AG against the 2009 Commission decision on the heat stabilisers cartel (Case COMP/C.38.589). In particular, the General Court confirmed the Commission’s characterization of the infringement as comprising two separate cartels related to tin stabilisers and ESBO/esters (Joined Cases T-23/10 and T-24/10 - Arkema France and CECA SA v European Commission,Case T-27/10 - AC-Treuhand AG v European Commission (not yet available in English) and Case T-40/10 - Elf Aquitaine v Commission (not yet available in English)).

EU Mergers

Phase I Clearance

  • M.6974 – Metinvest / Lanebrook / Pivdennyi Ore Mining and Processing Plant.
  • M.7074 JSR / MOL / JV (simplified review).
  • M.7108 Axpo Group / EDP Group / JV (simplified review).
  • M.7114 JLL Partners / Koninkijke DSM (simplified review).
  • M.7117 Archer Daniels Midland / Atr Landhandel / JV (simplified review).
  • M.7127 Carlyle / MDP / Chesapeake / MPS (simplified review).
  • M.7130 – Frey Automobil Holding Deutschland Mitsubishi Motors Europe / Mitsubishi Motors Deutschland (MEX/14/0203) (31.01.2014).
  • M.7142 Mitsubishi Corporation / Mitsubishi Electric Corporation / International Elevator & Equipment Inc. (simplified review).
  • M.7143Mitsubishi Corporation / Mitsubishi Electric Corporation / Mitsubishi Elevator Thailand (simplified review).
  • M.7148 Borealis European Holdings / First State Investments / Fortum Distribution (simplified review) (03.02.2014).

Divestment Approvals

M.6944 Thermo Fisher Scientific / Life Technologies. On 31 January 2014, the Commission approved General Electric as the purchaser of Thermo Fisher’s divestment businesses in connection with the acquisition by Thermo Fisher of Life Technologies approved by the Commission subject to conditions in 2013 (see IP/13/1167) (IP/14/97).

UK Mergers

Competition Commission publishes provisional findings in Breedon Aggregates / Aggregate Industries merger. On 6 February 2014, the Competition Commission announced that Breedon Aggregates Limited (Breedon) may be required to sell certain RMX operations in north-east Scotland following the acquisition in April 2013 by Breedon of assets from Aggregate Industries UK Limited (CC Press Release). In a summary of its provisional findings, the CC states that Breedon and Aggregate Industries were previously competitors for many of these products across north-east Scotland and customers may face higher prices due to the loss of competition and lack of alternative suppliers (see Breedon Aggregates / Aggregate Industries UK merger inquiry).

Speeches & Publications

Commission publishes first EU Anti-Corruption Report (Anti-Corruption 2014) (IP/14/86; Summaries of National Chapters; FAQs).

Speech by Clive Maxwell, OFT Executive Director. Enforcement of consumer and competition law – lessons in best practice and cultural change, WIG Regulatory Network Briefing, 31 January 2014 (OFT Speech 1/14).

Competition Commission publishes Notice of acceptance of final undertakings in Cineworld/ City Screen merger (see Volume 1, Edition 46).

Competition Commission published Notice of acceptance of final undertakings in Global Radio/ GMG merger (see Volume 1, Edition 29).