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Following the defeat of the Government on Lord Lester's paving amendment on Day 1 last Tuesday (as reported in my last blog entry; also see here the House of Lords' analysis of the division), the Committee Stage continues next Monday (29 November).

A Second Marshalled List of Amendments was published today (see here). Over 30 additional amendments appear in the Second Marshalled List (these being distinguished by letters as well as numbers, e.g. 7A). Many of these seek, rather than limiting the scope of the Bill to particular public bodies, as was such a feature of amendments in the earlier marshalled list, to increase its scope. In particular, Lord Berkeley, who is well known for seeking changes to our lighthouse arrangements, has proposed Trinity House, the Commissioners of Irish Lights and the Commissioners of Northern Lights for Schedule 1 (abolition) and Schedule 2 (merger), whilst Baroness Thornton has proposed the Food Standards Agency and Lord Inglewood the Church Commissioners for Schedule 1 (abolition). In the earlier marshalled list, only Lord Warner (Audit Commission for Schedule 1) and Lord Faulkner of Worcester (Football Licensing Authority for Schedule 4 - modification) had sought to extend the reach of the Bill

It is also worth noting that various letters dated 16 November from Lord Taylor of Holbeach answering particular queries from peers have been published on the Parliamentary website (see here). These include letters confirming the Government's intention to transfer the regulation of social workers from the General Social Care Council to the Health Professions Council, confirming that no changes are proposed to the Low Pay Commission or to its functions and confirming the Government's intention to abolish the Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council. Another of these letters explains that the Design Council is not listed in the Bill as it is a non-statutory body, that it is intended that it should remain as a Royal Charter charity but not as a non-departmental public body and that the level of funding for it will be confirmed as soon as possible.

The Committee Stage is due to be continued, after Monday's session, on Wednesday 1 December and Tuesday 14 December.