An Oscar-winning special effects expert was in March cleared of health and safety breaches in relation to the death of a cameraman during the filming of the most recent Batman film. Conway Wickliffe was killed during the filming of an action sequence for the film in 2007. The accident occurred when a vehicle that Mr Wickliffe was travelling in failed to make a turn and crashed into a tree. Mr Wickliffe had not been wearing a seatbelt and was hanging his head out of the vehicle when it was crushed between the vehicle and a tree.  

The police investigations, and an inquest hearing in Woking in November 2008 into the death of Mr Wickliffe, both concluded that the death was a result of a tragic accident. Despite this, the Health and Safety Executive has decided to prosecute Christopher Corbould for failing to ensure Mr Wickliffe’s safety. In Mr Corbould’s defence it was stated that three rehersal runs had been executed without incident and that Mr Wickliffe owed a duty of care to himself, which included wearing a seatbelt.