Aon recently released an updated “Terrorism Threat Map” in which it indicates the current threat of terrorist attacks across the world. The Map, which is available here, shows a trend towards fewer terrorist attacks in the Middle East but increased activity in southeast Asia.

According to the Map, twenty-eight countries, including the United States, Canada, France, Germany and Indonesia, have an elevated level of terrorism risk; nineteen countries, including Colombia, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom, are at high risk for terrorism; and eight countries, Afghanistan, India, Iraq, Pakistan, Palestine (which the Map identifies as having its own separate borders than Israel), Somalia, Sri Lanka, and Yemen, face a severe risk of terrorism. Another 118 countries are rated as being low risk and 31 countries, including Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, Ecuador, Libya, Mexico, South Africa and Sweden, are rated as guarded risk.

A press release from Aon notes that Craig Preston, Aon’s executive director, stated that terrorist groups with ideological leanings, such as communist Shining Path in Peru and the revolutionary anarchist movement in Greece, are re-emerging. Mr. Preston also mentioned a shift in al-Qaeda’s center of gravity from Saudi Arabia to Yemen as a result of effective counter-terrorism by the Saudi security forces and an increase in increase in counter-terrorism activity in North America, Europe and Australia, which has made it more difficult for terrorist groups in those regions.

Click here to read an Aon press release that provides details about how the Terrorism Threat Map was prepared.