The Department of Transportation (DOT) released a proposed rule on Tuesday mandating Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) communication technology be enabled in new cars and trucks by 2023. The rule intends to combat driving hazards by allowing cars to talk to each other and alerting drivers of potential hazards on the roads. The DOT stressed the value V2V communications would add in terms of safety mechanisms for passenger vehicles. Already questions have been raised on how the mandate would be implemented with questions still open on how connected cars will share already limited spectrum.

Automakers have already discussed the need for flexible regulations for autonomous cars, but this proposed rule would impact their commercial production in a much more profound manner. In the release of the proposed rule, the Department of Transportation referred to V2V technology as a prerequisite for the development of a ”fully autonomous vehicle fleet.” Auto makers have made no clear indications that this is a mutually held belief. Automakers want regulations to allow the freedom to invocate and include safety features in production vehicles that not only provide a high level of safety but are cost effective and commercially viable. Their public comments on the proposed rule will likely present a clearer picture of what the auto industry foresees for the inclusion of V2V in autonomous vehicles and will simultaneously provide insight into future safety systems. The public comment period is open for 90 days, closing on March 13th, 2017.