In our June 2013 newsletter, we referred to the draft Administrative Provisions for the Entry and Exit of Foreigners ("Draft"). The official Provisions have resulted in the following changes to the Draft:

  • The Draft divided Z-type visas into two levels, depending on whether the holder stayed in China for over 90 days. The Provisions have removed this division.
  • The Provisions remove the Draft’s extended interpretation of illegal work.
  • The Provisions introduce S-type visas, which are for spouses, children under 18, parents or parents of spouse’s of foreign nationals working and studying in China.
  • The Provisions unify short-term visas for stays in China of up to 180 days, and long-term visas for stays of over 180 days.
  • The Provisions no-longer adopt the concept of "residence-type" visas, instead listing the visa categories for which residence permits can be issued.

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Date of issue: July 12, 2013. Effective date: September 1, 2013.