I am not sure that I can either.  But, I am willing to try!  The following is my list of notices and disclosures required by federal law or regulation, that I look for when I review a consumer credit contract:

1.The federal box required by the Federal Truth-in-Lending Act (TILA) and Regulation Z, and all the many component parts.

2.The Amount Financed Itemization also required by TILA.

3.The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Cosigner Notice, when applicable.  

4.The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Notice relating to inaccurate information held by the creditor.

5.The FCRA Notice concerning reporting to credit bureaus.

6.The FTC Holder-in-Due Course Notice, if applicable.

7.The Magnuson-Moss Federal Warranty Act language, if applicable.

8.The FCRA Prescreening Opt-Out Notice, when applicable.

9.The FCRA Risk-Based Pricing Notice or Credit Score Disclosure, when applicable.

I have addressed all these required notices and disclosures in prior editions of this CFR Back-To-Basics blog series. You will find these and detailed information on each by scanning our blog submissions here.   

In addition to these disclosures, there are a host of state law disclosures to look for as well. 

Next week, I want to try to list the various policies and procedures that federal law and regulation dictate that consumer finance companies have in place.  Stay tuned!

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