The International Energy Agency, in partnership with the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum, has announced the formation of the Network of CCS Regulators, designed "to provide regulators with opportunities to interact with peers in an objective, neutral forum." The Network, to be launched this spring in advance of this summer's G8, will be comprised of regulators from a variety of arenas of expertise, and from local, state/provincial, national, regional and international levels; it is anticipated that members will be involved in "presenting case studies and status updates, asking questions, and discussing possible solutions to challenges they face developing adequate CCS legal & regulatory frameworks." Industry representatives will be invited to participate as observers. The IEA has identified the following key regulatory issues that will be addressed in and through the Network:

  • Establishing jurisdiction among different agencies/classifying CO2
  • Property rights for CO2 storage and transportation
  • Environmental risk mitigation, including public health protection, groundwater protection and protection of flora and fauna
  • Monitoring and verification methodologies for CO2 retention in storage sites
  • CO2 transport issues, including pipeline access, quality issues and permitting
  • Public consultation and acceptance of proposed CO2 storage sites
  • Legal status of CO2 when it is stored offshore in international waters

Action items for the Network will include (1) hosting a series of meetings and internet/web conferences on specific legal and regulatory aspects of CCS; and (2) creating a public IEA website that will document case studies and regulatory developments at the national, sub-national and international levels.