Qualified plan sponsors with IRS Employer Identification Numbers (EINs) that end with four or nine must file for IRS determination letters no later than January 31, 2010.

The IRS determination letter program creates fixed, five-year cycles for the adoption of certain amendments and the submission of determination letter applications for individually designed plans. The fiveyear cycles are based on the last digit of a plan sponsor’s EIN. Click here to view a table.

Sponsors of retirement plans may apply for a determination letter that reflects the plan’s compliance with Internal Revenue Code requirements. Determination letters provide assurance to plan sponsors and participants that the terms of the retirement plan satisfy the Code’s qualification requirements.

The aforementioned deadlines apply to individually designed plans. Other deadlines apply to the following types of plans:

  • Prototype plans,
  • Nonqualified plans,
  • Governmental plans,
  • 403(b) annuities,
  • Multiple employer plans, or
  • Multiemployer plans.