The Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda has modified the Ministerial Order regulating the "118 phone numbers" (used to provide information relating to other phone numbers) to remove the call set-up charge, to cap the cost per minute and to determine a maximum duration for each call.

The modification includes, among other measures, the express prohibition of call set-up charges for the use of the information services. Thus, billing will not include an initial fixed price and will only take into account the duration of the call. Additionally, the charge per minute is capped at a maximum of EUR 2.5 per minute and each call will have a maximum duration of 10 minutes. Until this modification, in some cases, the billing reached EUR 6 for the set-up and EUR 6 per minute.

Going forward when a user calls a 118 service before access, each user will hear an automated message informing them about the price of the call, its maximum duration and the identity of the of the service provider.

The Ministerial Order will come into force three months after it is passed in order to give the telephone operators and service providers a period of adaptation.