Global Regulators

Basel Committee publishes progress report on adoption of Basel III standards. The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision issued its twelfth report on the current adoption status of the Basel regulatory framework by each member jurisdiction The report discusses the adoption of the Basel III risk-based capital standards, the leverage ratio, the liquidity coverage ratio, the net stable funding ratio, the standards for global and domestic systemically important banks, Pillar 3 disclosure requirements, the large exposure framework and interest rate risk in the banking book. (4/25/2017) BIS press release. 

ISDA announces publication of second protocol on bail-in provisions of BRRD. The International Swaps and Derivatives Association published a second protocol to assist in-scope entities in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, and Sweden in complying with the requirements of Article 55 under the European Union Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive. (4/19/2017) ISDA press release. 

FSB releases findings of peer review of Brazil. The Financial Stability Board released the results of its peer review of Brazil, which examined how Brazilian authorities have implemented reforms relating to trade reporting and its use in systemic risk monitoring as well as the regulation and supervision of investment funds. The review noted that Brazil has made significant progress in both areas and made recommendations to authorities to address a few outstanding issues. (4/19/2017) FSB press release. 

FSB proposes framework to evaluate the post implementation effects of the G20 financial regulatory reforms. The FSB requested comments on a proposed framework for evaluating the effectiveness of the G20 core financial reforms following their implementation and identifying any material unintended consequences that may need to be addressed. Comments are due on or before May 11, 2017. (4/11/2017) FSB press release.